Kamis, 01 Agustus 2019

Be Alone

Muhammad Saroji - File Pribadi

There's a yearning for me to come all of a sudden,
my beloved,
but you don't love me anymore,
Could it be that you and I are together forever?

I pour a cup of life water,
the smoke of smoke smelled the heavens,
my beloved,
I was supposed to hug you all day and all night,
but without your love,
what does it mean?

I reap a thousand water life,
This thirsty throat is like watering down rain,
but without your love
the soul is still haunted right?

My beloved,
no more water of life,
only empty cups are left,
get used to the face of grief.

I still miss her.
but it suddenly became a grudge
what love is,
where love and affection are,
who loves and loves
lost the meaning!

The night has passed,
the dawn of dawn echoes,
Oh, my God
it turns out I fell into a prejudice,
how back and forth the human heart is,
I invite you,
forgetting the pain of the wound for a moment,
is in your torment
I see your greatness.

- -

Jakarta, October 29, 1995
By Muhammad Saroji
© Copyright - All rights reserved

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