Minggu, 20 Desember 2015

Small Note The Prisoners : in Travel Agency

Day at dusk,

when the rest time will come,

day passes without a sound,

I traced valleys,

hills and arid deserts,

today a promise was about to be accomplished,

kneel, praise, think, surrender body and soul with all complaints,

stain and sin,

tears and longing.

Today is a very dark,

I have no idea,

the full moon is not shining,

This evening I keep running,

browse the darkness,

faithfully keep their promises the lover to remain strong,

such as rigid coral in the ocean.

On the dusty sand,

Oh My God,

I expect this will footsteps towards Thee,

cold wind came caressing the body,

touching the skin up into the heart,

I stiff I'm sad I was melancholy,

whether this death?

Is this a sign of the soul will be desperate?

eyes become blurred,

You like calling from far away, gripping, whittle,

I give up,

I am willing,

death may pick up,

in the bosom,


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