Minggu, 26 April 2015

The Moon Up the Grave

Looks there are full the moon in the heart.. 

You come with knifes
in your hand. 
Kill the hope with the grave. 
the moon over the grave.
the women death 
in your arms.
ripple foams. 
it is you have looking me
at the window. 
far a way from my palace.
I killed the wolf saw the bloods. 
drinking my sould fresh of bloods. 
The moon in the grave . 
One love start to growth.
Full the moon over the graves. 
and sounds of voices 
wolf in night. 
I see you was laughing a roast.
love blue with blood of blue
Princess and Loves
killing rites
of secreet in the rib
from man of misser
Trown white heart of his princess
in the moon up the grave

(buat sahabatku Hidayatut Thoyyibah .bulan diatas kuburan 2014)

Sumber Gambar : http://abuthalhah.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/indahnya-bulan.jpg.

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