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Who Would Have Thought

Muhammad Saroji - File Pribadi

Who would have thought,
the pleasures of life in an instant can turn into disaster,
hoping for a life without obstacles,
sleeping under a silk overlay,
accompanied by the angels in a beautiful dream,
left right praise and flattery.

Life is not always beautiful,
You believe me?
Even your beloved children and wives can be slandered!

Poor worshipers love lies,
suffer greatly from sinners and worldly fools,
that religion should not be worshiped,
Betraying the mandate is so bad!

(I'm speechless for a moment, why am I nagging ...)
Let the footsteps find their way,
like the birds of space, beautiful and natural.
Don't make your soul look like a bird in a cage, shackled and colonized.

In the middle of the desert,
who would have imagined that spring would be just a mirage,
souls are dying of thirst,
the birds screamed out loud,
laughing all over the cries,
Cambodian flowers fall on the edge of a tombstone,
there is life, waiting for death to knock on the door,
because there is a charity to be held responsible for,
death is real,
like real life.

- - -

Bantar Gebang - Bekasi, May 15, 2009
By Muhammad Saroji
© Copyrights - All rights reserved

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