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Muhammad Saroji - File Pribadi

I looked in front of the mirror,
so that I can enjoy my beautiful face,
probably on my face is hidden in glory,
so that I can be proud of everyone,
and the mirror says so,
I'm as I expected,
perhaps glory!

Ten years have passed,
the mirror was dull and cracked,
I read in front of the mirror again,
I understand it deeply,
I was surprised I didn't get hit,
my face is plastered!
Like my heart is pounding,
I'm getting scared and scared,
in the mirror
my old lips were smiling,
with a smile that no longer captures.

I thought I was happy,
with great pride and glory,
I thought I was full of beauty and eternity,
turns out to be fragile with age.

I'm dark-eyed.
I smashed the mirror and ruined it,
lost my shadow.
ruined my nest smile.

Mirror of truth witness
show me the real picture
of course, not only do I read you,
everyone else is a mirror,
the universe is a mirror,
failure and success are mirrors,
taught us to be wise.

The mirror has been ruined,
your flakes lighten the light,
my little heart gets a light,
even when you are ruined, you are still a mirror,
who is strong in honesty.

- - -

Jakarta 29 October 1995
By Muhammad Saroji
© Copyright - All rights reserved

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