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Half Hearts

Muhammad Saroji - File Pribadi

In the twilight of the evening,
a child sitting alone,
that's me.

Under the sun
I should leave soon.
so that the adzan's voice called for me to bow down,
nothing was lost in the scratches of time,
but I didn't get up yet.
rise and run
to purify myself.

Past trips,
why just a drop of meaning,
earth overlay to prostrate,
verses of holy light of heart,
turban and perfume,
why not go for a moment,
and until midnight tonight,
I should clean it right away.
and read Divine writings with eloquent tongues,
or I bow this head all over the earth.

Oh my god,
in what way I was purified,
with whom I seek knowledge,
for whom I offer this soul.

Oh my god,
how embarrassed I was,
Your power covers the earth and the heavens,
my moment is in your hands,
but why
until the body is fragile,
I didn't find out the truth about myself,
with one wish,
be what you want,
but with what I worship you,
with what I offer my bakery,
no power,
half-heartedly thinking of the world,
half-heartedly scared to death,
the world is full of deceit,
the hereafter is full of unresolved mysteries,
half-hearted and confused,
half-heartedly say that life is always moving forward,
until I came to a door,
in which all my deeds will be held accountable.

Oh my God.
only your guidance and assistance,
That's what I miss.


Jakarta 29 October 1995
By Muhammad Saroji
© Copyright - All rights reserved

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