Rabu, 31 Juli 2019


Muhammad Saroji - File Pribadi

beautiful you,
like pine shoots,
on the corner of the hill,
in the village corner,
which swayed in the wind.

if only I knew you,
I shake your hand,
I greet you,
I open your frozen heart.

I am the traveler,
come with the breeze,
blowing from the coast of the sea.

beautiful you,
but you are silent like a stone,
but beautiful like birds.

Should I say hello?
Or do I spell seduction sentences?

turns out you're just a breeze,
that blows between piles of dry twigs.

blow my ship so the screen expands,
leave the harbor, away across the blue sea,
to my hometown.

hope you understand
how tired this body soul is ...

Gunung Putri - Bogor, June 19, 1995
All Rights Reserved

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