Minggu, 06 Desember 2015


You are sitting looking at me,

In your mouth,

fragrant smell of jasmine.


praising the beautiful face,

in your body,

there is a tattoo of the heart.


Ran to the edge of dusk,

I want to call your name when the moon becomes bright,

Kiss your lips in silence of the night,

or reconciled with silence,

I caught sentence is always winged,

let the passing traveler like me,

hoping That you're miss me,

but apparently the other hand pointing.


I'm the one who missed, Sentences are evident in every song of it,

although one word of a thousand lines that you created,

only one word that I waited,

from you,

write clearly there: "My long name" Throughout your history a million years

(Created by Muhammad Saroji, muhammadsaroji.com)

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