Minggu, 06 Desember 2015

Small Note The Prisoners : Here


in the breeze I want to hold you,

sturdy face which did not make me float,

glance eyes and bat joke,

where are blue love this patient,

look at the way that I passed right,

and must learn to kiss you in a vacuum.


I felt valued as a human being,

living on the two sides,

and less powerful.

Here I am waiting for you,

flashed briefly,

wiping tears,

record the distance and thirst,

when I hold you tight,

the face of courage,

when that night together in the half-submerged.


running time feels so slow,

step as silent stop,

just waiting for your presence between life and death.


This longing never stopped,

although not as fragrant tulips jasmine,

fragrant you always me later,

until now.


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