Minggu, 20 Desember 2015

Justice For All Nations

In your State,

There is something almost left behind,

almost lying useless,

namely justice and wisdom which soothes all nations.

We are not a perfect nation.

We live like you,

democracy is not everything,

power will be destroyed,

lost in the blink of an eye.

In our country,

let us smile for our nation,

the people who do not feel humiliated,

let us devote sweat,

fight and sacrifice for our country,

that ye distant countries do not complain: this country for what?

This sovereignty to whom?

Our country,

once independence remain independent,

in the land you are far away,

once independence also remain free!

Is not it bad ?,

insulting greed is a crime!

And why not dignified iniquity?

Our country is our body and soul,

as you also have body and soul,

how pure and noble sacrifices oppressed slaves,

defend and sacrifice for the country that colonized.

You are far away,

Your country is your body and soul,

Your country is a treasure and lives to you, same,

Your country is also our body and soul,

possessions and our lives,

as always you say.

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