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Erdogan Rhetoric Destroyed in the Face Facts Field

Forummuslim.org - Lately, public enchanted with the statement Erdogan

that "with confidence" says ready to resign If reign proved oil

business with ISIS. We consider what Erdogan was very brave even

deserve to be called desperate. For psychological warfare seemed to

work, but what if the statement was confronted with the facts of the

field, what promise it really will he keep it just?

By the way, that's not the important issue. Affairs who Turkey led the

rights of the Turkish people. The important thing let us analyze how

rational statement that Erdogan desperate. Let's see facts on the

ground that it seems difficult to surpass by rhetoric Erdogan.

Russian military had long since been released via satellite places

ISIS oil refining and oil transportation route from Syria to Turkey,

not one route but three routes at once.

Vladimir Putin has explicitly expose the funding source ISIS at the

middle of the meeting of the G-20 and declared 40 countries involved

in finance ISIS, including some members of the G-20 itself (Turkey

including the G-20). Even senior members of the FSA (which

incidentally foot hand Turkey) has been admitted to receive images

from contract signed by Turkey to buy Iraqi oil resources and Syria

from ISIS.

This is in line with the statement of the Syrian Information Minister

Omran al-Zoub that has exposed evidence that the oils loot from Syria

sent to the company ISIS BMZ Ltd whose owners is the son of Recep

Tayyip Erdogan is Bilal Erdogan. Even This has been confirmed by

members of the Turkish Parliament from Cumhuriyet Halk Partitions

(Republican People's Party), which adds "However, as long as his

father was in power, he (Bilal) be immune from any legal action ". Not

only that, the Iraqi Defense Ministry spokesman Naseer Nouri

emphatically threatened that he would not hesitate to report Turkey to

the UN Security Council and International institutions if Turkey ISIS

proven collected the spoils of oil from the country, and they have

holds some evidence with all the details. As has been revealed by

Al-Araby Al Jadeed, crude ISIS stolen crude oil to be labeled as

originating from the area Kurdish. ISIS selling stolen oil belongs to

Syria and Iraq with price very cheap to smugglers or Turkish mafia

networks and Kurds, who then labeled oil as if it came from Kurdish

Regional Government.

Eldar Kasayev of the Council of Russian Oil Industry experts say ISIS

sell oil to Turkey at a price range of 15-25 dollars per barrel, the

price is much cheaper than the benchmark price of Brent traded on the

numbers of 45-50 dollars per barrel. Russian Deputy Defense Minister

Anatoly Antonov has revealed evidence that Ankara is a major consumer

of oil "stolen from its rightful owner, Syria and Iraq "and said that

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his family are involved in the

"business criminal "is. The evidence is not just coming from abroad.

Even recently This Eren Erdem Turkish Republican People's Party

officials expressed has found evidence of stolen oil trade with the

ISIS Berat Albayrak Erdogan law, and is ready to expose it before

public next week. Seeing all these facts it seems likely have broken

veins shame Erdogan that the Climate Change Summit in Paris yesterday

said it would resign if it is proved that the country's oil trade with

terrorists. Suppose a bank robber who was caught stealing then

shamelessly said, "I am not a thief" while his hands full holding

loot. Erdogan responded self-defense, the Ministry Russian defense

behind Erdogan's challenge by saying "If they (Turkey) considers that

this evidence (the illegal oil trade ISIS) is false, then let the

Turkish Government made the area (refining) is open to journalists. "

Rhetoric seems insignificant in the face of the facts of the field.

Turkey still afraid to admit the relationship 'symbiotic mutualisme'

with ISIS even refer to it as slander, but surprisingly they are so

"overheating" when looking Sukhoi jets and Bomber-strategic bomber

Russian Tupolev repeatedly bombed oil fields, refineries and more than

1,000 oil tank trucks ISIS looted from Syria moving towards Turkey.

Not surprisingly, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov

recently said, "None of the high officials of Turkey,

Erdogan also not of course, will resign or acknowledge of any kind,

even if their faces smeared with oil stolen though. "

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