Minggu, 26 April 2015

Romeo and Juliet

This words. the last letter from Romeo. he comes until the light

hug the händ our home tonight
give the first kissing and the last loosing
hearts leaved from the street after rains
Juliet dies before know and see the letter
maybe if know she should be better
too love Romeo and live together

Love Romeo to juliet until touch her lips
and maybe running until the sin
Sin creates from fear and not pure
but juliet brave and pures
she dies with peaces 

Love Juliet to Romeo until the death
she never see these letter
letter is hopes
hopes make the human life forever

Love can not see ages and how long
Love can not judge she who has wrong
Love can not investigate and make the draft
Love not dessire
Love never sin
Love keep of love in the heaven
and tears
every day on thid prays
love as Romeo and Julieto

( weekend without love 2014)

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